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IGCSE Maths Edexcel 2010

Knowledge of the stages of meiosis is not required but you should have seen modelling of the behaviour of chromosomes during meiosis.

In subsequent lessons, the use of hexadecimal numbers and character encoding is described with practical programming exercises to reinforce understanding. Many fungi reproduce asexually by spores but also reproduce sexually to give variation.

In liver and muscle cells excess glucose is converted to glycogen for storage. You should be able to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of treating organ failure by mechanical device or transplant.

The order of bases controls the order in which amino acids are assembled to produce a particular protein. It is characterised by uncontrolled high blood glucose levels and is normally treated with insulin injections.

Knowledge of other parts of the urinary system, the structure of the kidney and the structure of a nephron is not required. HT only Ethene controls cell division and ripening of fruits. In the eye you should be able to identify the following structures on a diagram of the eye and explain how their structure is related to their function: At puberty eggs begin to mature and one is released approximately every 28 days.

Asexual reproduction involves only one parent and no fusion of gametes. This is controlled by negative feedback. Plant growth hormones are used in agriculture and horticulture.

Only mitosis is involved. Cells in reproductive organs divide by meiosis to form gametes. The genetic material in the nucleus of a cell is composed of a chemical called DNA. Experience of modelling insertions and deletions in chromosomes to illustrate mutations is helpful.

People who suffer from kidney failure may be treated by organ transplant or by using kidney dialysis. Non-coding parts of DNA can switch genes on and off, so variations in these areas of DNA may affect how genes are expressed.

This is called ovulation.

IGCSE Maths Edexcel 2010

Unequal distributions of auxin cause unequal growth rates in plant roots and shoots. Several hormones are involved in the menstrual cycle of a woman. Ethene is used in the food industry to control ripening of fruit during storage and transport. Generally these defects are treated with spectacle lenses which refract the light rays so that they do focus on the retina.

Once new varieties of plants or animals have been produced it is possible to clone individuals to produce larger numbers of identical individuals all carrying the favourable characteristic.

Thyroxine levels are controlled by negative feedback. Follicle stimulating hormone FSH causes maturation of an egg in the ovary. The DNA is contained in structures called chromosomes. Although fertility treatment gives a woman the chance to have a baby of her own: Gibberellins can be used to i end seed dormancy, ii promote flowering and iii increase fruit size.

Luteinising hormone LH stimulates the release of the egg. Know that accommodation is the process of changing the shape of the lens to focus on near or distant objects. Know that accommodation is the process of changing the shape of the lens to focus on near or distant objects.

HT only Gibberellins are important in initiating seed germination. Scientists have now discovered how to take genes from one species and introduce them in to the genome of another by a process called genetic engineering.

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